The League of Women Voters takes action only when we have studied, then developed a position addressing an issue. During the study process, members research the facts about the issue and then reach consensus about the policy.

What Studies Are There?

Studies from across the nation are in our League of Women Voters Education Fund Clearinghouse for studies.

What Is The Study Process?

  1. Study committee members develop a study kit and consensus questions which are used for member discussion.  Study kits include many resources such as articles, books, data , videos, speakers, that help understand the issue.
  2. Consensus is the process by which members reach substantial agreement on an issue. This may occur at meetings, or include surveys and other methods. If members reach consensus, the board develops recommendations for a new position which is then  adopted by the appropriate level of the League (national, state, area or local).
  3. The recommended position is always reviewed and voted on by members, either by delegates to a convention or at the local League's annual meeting.
  4. Only after a position is adopted, can action be taken on the issue.

Read the national Guidelines for LWVUS Studies.